6 Reasons Online Drivers Ed Is Better than a Classroom

6 Reasons Online Drivers Ed Is Better than a Classroom

Driver’s education has changed over the past couple of years. New laws and regulations have come into play and driving institutions have been trying to give the aspirants the best driving lessons possible. The concept of online drivers ed has been becoming popular in recent years. Is it more effective than the traditional classroom-based learning? Let’s find the answer!

An online driving course, if compared to classroom education, definitely has its perks. Obviously, you can’t expect it to completely outperform the lessons provided in the classroom. Nonetheless, it’s not difficult to find high-quality online drivers ed. So how is the online Drivers Ed better than Classroom Ed? The 6 below factors will show you a full picture:

Maintaining your own learning time

It’s important, especially in these busy days, when making time for something at a certain period of the day for at least a week or two seems quite impossible. The kids may be free during the summer session but their parents are likely to have busy work schedules. An online driving course gives you the flexibility of taking the classes at your own free time.

Learning at your own pace

Classroom-based programs pressurize a learner to keep up with the progress of the fellow students. This is problematic for the slow learners or those who get distracted by some personal or other problems. On the other hand, you can start and stop the online drivers ed as you see fit. Besides, you don’t have to jump into the next one without having the full grasp of the current lesson.

Online Driving Course
You can access the materials from anywhere, anytime.

Having access from anywhere

It’s another benefit that really suits modern people’s busy lifestyle. As the courses are 100% online, you can access the materials through your phone, tablet, or computer from anywhere whether you are in your home, a café, or traveling somewhere. You don’t have to postpone any of your daily events to join a class. Just choose a suitable time and access the lessons.

Enjoying a distraction-free environment

Learning with other people can be quite disturbing sometimes because you some students can be disruptive in the class. If you miss something in a classroom, there’s no way to go back and repeat it. An online driving course is beneficial in this case because you can take the lessons in your bedroom and pay the full concentration.

Online classes are more interactive

The social media plays a huge role in our life these days. We watch videos, play games, deliver text messages, read posts, and so many other things on these platforms. Most of these online courses feature videos, games, puzzles, quizzes, animations, and other interactive to make the learning more entertaining and collaborative.

Online Drivers Ed
There are lessons for the parents too!

Offering resources for parents

You have a specific role to play when your teenage child starts learning driving. Many of these programs have some lessons designed for parents too so they from where to start and how to teach their kids.

The Unique Benefits of Traffic School

The Unique Benefits of Traffic School

People make mistakes and it’s even easier to make mistakes when you are behind the wheel! However, you will need a clean driving record for keeping the insurance premiums low, expanding the job opportunities, and avoiding the suspension of the driving license. In that case, you can utilize the benefits of traffic school. Taking a traffic school course could be your last resort to remove those negative points from your driving record!

The Multiple Benefits of Traffic School

Nobody would like to spend the spare time by taking the defensive driving courses, popularly known as traffic school. Nevertheless, there are some valuable perks that are hard to ignore. All the states in the U.S. have traffic schools that assist the participants to learn defensive driving techniques, the traffic laws of the particular state, and the ways to practice safe driving customs to avoid more tickets.

traffic school benefits
You can reduce the ticket fines by taking a defensive driving course.

Reduced fines

Making a mistake while driving a car is going to be a costly mistake. You may have to pay ticket fines, court fees, bigger premiums for car insurance, and more expenses if you are unlucky. In that case, the court in some states offers a reduced fine if you are willing to take a defensive driving course.

Ask the court clerk to know if taking a course could be an alternative. If the response is positive, find a school that is recognized by your state and enroll into a course.

Avoiding the suspension of license

Enjoy driving

Driving license is typically revoked for major offenses such as for DUI or being involved in an accident when you are under the age of 18. The incidents of one or two traffic violations will not cause the license to be suspended. However, each violation will add points to your driving record and the license will get automatically suspended after reaching a certain number. You can erase the points by enrolling into a course.

Decreased insurance rates

Your car insurance rate can go up because of involving in a traffic violation. This is like adding insult to injury! You have probably already paid the ticket fines and court fees but a shocking insurance bill is still there to surprise you! Well, you can avoid it by taking a defensive driving training should your insurance policy and state’s laws allow it. Some insurance companies even offer discounts on the premiums for clients who have taken a traffic school course.

Benefits of Traffic School
Traffic school could be a good option to hone your driving skills.

Honing your driving skills

Making mistakes while driving means that it’s time to recheck your skills as a driver. The benefits of traffic school are that it can recharge your driving skills along with teaching you all the newly implemented traffic laws. It will also help you have a clear concept of the intent of all the regulations of the road.

The Final Words

A defensive driving course won’t take more than 6 or 8 hours, and it offers you many advantages. You can avoid some future financial hassles. Also, you will be aware of the new traffic rules and regulations. Spending just a couple of hours for all those benefits seems worthwhile.

What Should be the Parents’ Role When the Teens Learn to Drive?

What Should be the Parents’ Role When the Teens Learn to Drive?

It’s a nerve-wrecking experience for the parents when their teenage children learn to drive. They know all the expected and unexpected risks and danger of driving on the roads. So, it’s bound to be scary seeing your kid behind the car wheel. That’s why you should intervene because you can give your teen plenty of driving lessons at this learning stage

What Roles Should the Parents Play When the Teens Learn to Drive?

The American Automobile Association (AAA) conducted a survey in August 2016 on 142 driving instructors. Nearly two-thirds of them thought parents to be the worst trainers for the teenage drivers. Many of them also thought parents don’t invest enough time in driver education. So, don’t be such a parent! Find out your roles when your teen child starts learning driving.

Teach safe driving practices

A discussion session about the standard safety procedures of driving on the road at the beginning will be helpful. It will give your teen an idea about what to expect and what not to do while driving. Besides, you should teach how to handle when faced with an unexpected situation.

Learn To Drive
Explain her the safe driving practices.

Show safe driving techniques

After the verbal session, it’s time to display. Go to a place where you can practice without any interruptions. Take the driver’s seat and explain your kid each and every function. For example, when slowing down, show the proper way to shift gears. Explain every activity and the role of all the switches, livers, and accessories.

Moreover, it’s important to teach the teen driver about the importance of distraction-free driving. You should also prepare her for the unexpected situations such as what to do if the break fails suddenly or an animal jumps in front of the car.

Don’t make negative comments

As a parent, the right thing to do to your child is to encourage her, not to demotivate with negative remarks. So, don’t be too judgmental when you are helping your kid learn to drive. If she is making a mistake, sweetly tell her what she is doing wrong and what the correct procedure is. Also, don’t forget to give compliments for making progress.

Teach defensive approach

Teens are full of an adrenaline rush. They get excited at everything – whether it’s playing a game or learning a new skill. For this reason, you should teach her that it’s the best thing to be defensive at times to avoid great risks.

driver education
Warn your child about the dangerous driving practices.

Explain the high-risk conditions

Warn your child about the conditions when driving could be a dangerous job to do. Strictly forbid her to drive under the alcohol and drugs. These things impair the vision and cloud the judgment of a person, none of which is ideal for driving.

Also, warn her about involving in street racing, driving at high speeds, and taking so many passengers because they can be distracting. In addition, don’t let her drive at night or in bad weather until she shows some serious skills.

The girl practice driving with her mom support!


As a parent, you should have patience and showed empathy while assisting your teen child to learn to drive. You should make her aware of safe driving practices and encourage her to become a skilled and responsible driver.

Top Useful Tips for Passing Your Driving Test

Top Useful Tips for Passing Your Driving Test

You don’t have to know all the rules and regulations of the road and traffic to pass a driving test. In fact, getting a driver’s license is not about knowing everything. It’s about your attitude, how well you can execute your skills, and the way you handle the road situations. Being a licensed driver means a big responsibility and you have to convince your tester that you are eligible for that.

6 Useful Tips for Passing a Driving Test

Preparation is the best approach to gaining success. So, follow these tips to pass driving test and get the license.

Practice more and more

Practice makes a man perfect, and so does it will help you to pass the driving test. Practicing the driving and taking some tests will help you to be more comfortable with the driving and making fewer mistakes. You can even take a driver training course. It will not be free but you will get to practice under simulated test conditions, which will be helpful in gaining you confidence behind the wheel. In this blog, we’ll provide students useful driving tips and techniques with step-by-step guideline so that drivers-to-be can easily follow and practice.

Tips To Pass Driving Test
Practicing more and more is a great way to take preparation.

Practice on the test routes

Your driving test will be taken at a specific center. You can visit its website to view the test routes or contact a local driving instructor to get his insights about the tracks. You have got a better chance of doing well if you can get yourself familiar with these roads. The head examiner of the center maps out the tracks to see how the candidates perform under various traffic and road conditions.

Practise driving
Make yourself familiar with the test routes!

Know the test center

A great number of candidates fail their tests just after leaving the test center. It happens because of nervousness and the anxiety of facing unfamiliar environments and roads. To overcome these things, drive your car in and out the center a few days before the test. If you are not allowed to do that, take a walking trip and observe the traffic, road turns, and parking.

Avoid the most common faults

Most people fail their driving test for not paying attention to some common driving rules. For example, no checking the mirrors when moving off or reverse parking, hesitating at junctions, failing to give signals, or not showing stop lights before stopping could be the reason for not passing the test. Practicing these things more is the only way of getting used to these rules.

driving test tips
Try to avoid the common faults.

Know the rules

It’s one of the most important prerequisites of passing a driving test. You have to have enough knowledge about the traffic signals, road signs, speed limits, showing signals, and passing laws. Frequent practice sessions, taking online practice tests, and thoroughly studying the driver’s manual of your state will help you remember these things during the examination.

Practice with a candid driving partner

Sometimes, practicing with the parents does not help because they are either too lenient or too judgmental. You need someone who is brutally honest and can guide you to the right way without breaking your morale. Ask your partner to give you constructive feedback so that you can work on your mistakes.

Watch this video know more great tips that can make your driving test way easier:

6 Unique Benefits of Taking Online Drivers Ed Classes

6 Unique Benefits of Taking Online Drivers Ed Classes

Taking a driving ed course online? Could it bring any benefit since driving is something that you should learn by practical training? After all, you will drive a car in a real-world scenario, not in a virtual simulation. Well, online drivers ed classes do have their unique benefits and help you big time in obtaining a driver’s license!

The Unique Benefits of Online Drivers Ed Classes

Taking a driver’s ed course is mandatory is a prerequisite to getting the DMV learner driver’s permit in some states of the United States. In some states, it even helps the teenagers to get the license at an early stage.

In fact, some universities also offer such course tailored to the driving requirements of that particular state. For example, The University of Northern Iowa offers such a course where some coursework is offered online and some classes are taken through interactive video conferencing. Let’s find out the benefits that online drivers ed classes can offer:

online driving courses
Online courses help you prepare for the actual test.

Help Preparing for the Actual Test

The driving schools and institutions that offer these courses do their research. They are well aware of the driving rules and regulations of the states and know what the examinees have to face in their written and driving tests.
They will teach you all the basics of driving and give you inside scoop of your state’s driver education requirements.

You Learn the Importance of Safety

These online drivers ed classes teach you everything about traffic signs, traffic laws, and the essential safety tips to follow on roads. You will get training from experienced instructors, know about driving etiquette, and learn how to drive without any distractions. These things will make a better driver and keep you alert and guarded on roads.

The Cost Is Less

Go to a commercial driving school for and it will charge you something between $300 and $500 for a course. However, an online course won’t take anything more than $50 to $150. The internet courses are inexpensive because they don’t have the liabilities that a commercial driving school is entitled to.

Reduce the Expenses of Driving Tests

Some states waive fees from your driving exam or license given that you have completed a certain number of training hours. If your state has any such offer, just take a certificate from your driving instructor and show it to the authority.

Online Drivers Ed Classes
You can take the classes whenever you want.

Better Accessibility

A driving school requires the learners to be present at a certain place to take the lessons. It makes attending classes difficult for people with a busy schedule. However, once you are enrolled you can access the online drivers ed classes 24/7 from anywhere. You can make your own schedule to complete them.

Do It at Your Own Pace

A course in a driving school typically spans around two to three weeks, which means that you have to finish it within that period no matter what. However, online driving courses give you the flexibility of finishing them the way you want. You can take adequate time to process the information or finish quickly without waiting for other students catching up.